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2 Headed Shark Attack Unleashed TODAY!!!

Oh glory of glories: at long last, after months of nail-biting anticipation, rejoice oh World, because the instant cult classic 2 Headed Shark Attack is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray!

Granted, I'm a little biased as to the sheer awesomocity of this film, having written it for director Christopher Olen Ray off a story by Edward DeRuiter, but don't let my thoughts sway you one way or the other, get out there right now, procure a copy and see for yourself!

If you use Redbox, go here.

If you use Netflix, go here.

If you want to own this seminal shark film, go here, or The Asylum store

However you get your hands on it, get your hands on it; you don't want to be the last one on your street to see THE GREATEST 2 HEADED ANYTHING MOVIE EVER.

Are you still here? Go! Go!

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