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A Truly Worth Cause...Help An Inmate

It isn't often I use this blog to ask for something, but that's how I'm using now, and for a very, very worthy cause.

Actor Jon Kondelik, who recently appeared in The Amityville Haunting, had a horrific FX-related accident in December that left him missing three full fingers and half the index finger on his left hand. Jon - whose brother James is also an Inmate, editor of 200MPH, Zombie Apocalypse and A Haunting in Salem - is now recovering, but is in need of new fingers, and so has set-up this Facebook page to elicit donations for the costly prosthetics.

I've been following this saga on Facebook since it happened, and I can honestly tell you the resiliency and positivity I've seen coming from Jon and James, not to mention the outpouring of support from others, has been nothing less than inspiring. And so I am humbly asking all my readers to spread the word throughout their social networks - link to this blogpost, share his Facebook page on yours, Google+ it, pass out fliers, text everyone you know - so that we can help raise the money Jon needs. Donations can be made here, and anything you can give I'm certain is greatly appreciated. 

Being a fan is about showing your support, so let's get at it, my fellow faithfully-committed, spread the word wide and far...


  1. Hmmmm... the donate link seems to be broken.