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Just a Reminder: Don't Forget to Vote for The Loonies!!!

That's right, gang, there's still time to vote for your favorites in the 2nd Annual Looney Awards for Excellence in Asylum Films before the polls close on February 8th.

Who do you think was the year's Best Actor? Was it the ruthlessly vile psycho-boyfriend portrayed by Michael Welch in Born Bad? Or did you prefer the pipe-swinging, zombie-killing stoicism of Ving Rhames in Zombie Apocalypse? Who won you over more, Debbie Gibson or Tiffany? And what was the best Asylum film of the year? Was it A Haunting in Salem? Hmm? Hmmmmm?

The answer to these and at least 8 or 9 other questions are all within your power to help answer. Simply visit the link above, peruse the nominees then email your list of winners to before February 8th to have your vote count. Winners will be announced two days later, on the 10th, and my personal picks for the best of the year will be posted in-between, on the 9th.

If you've yet to see any of the nominees, all of The Asylum's 2011 output is now available on DVD, so get thee to a video outlet and remedy this oversight toot suite!

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