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inmate profile: Carmen Electra

Up next in Commited's spotlighting of the cast for 2 Headed Shark Attack, the lovely and talented Carmen Electra, who plays "Dr. Anne Babish" in the film.

I feel stupid explaining who Carmen Electra is, because everyone in the world knows who Carmen Electra is; it's like trying to explain the sky, or water, to people who already know what it is. But in case this is your first day on the internet, welcome, and here you go:

Carmen Electra is an entertainment icon and possibly the greatest thing Prince has ever done. He discovered her fronting an L.A. rap group, signed her and took her on tour during his NPG phase (if you gotta ask, you don't deserve to know). From there, Carmen leapt onto television screens worldwide in a little show you might have heard of called Baywatch. Yeah, that one. 

From there girlfriend pretty much just blew up and became an instant fixture in the global cultural consciousness. Movies, TV, hosting gigs, workout videos, calenders, a Playboy photo-shoot - Carmen Electra has done it all and keeps rocking out. Dig a list of her accomplishments: Good Burger, Singled Out, Scary Movie, The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Starsky and Hutch, Monk, Dirty Love, American Dad, Tripping the Rift, Date Movie, Epic Movie, Disaster Movie, Reno 911 and now the crown jewel of her filmography, 2 Headed Shark Attack.

Be sure to check her out in all her beautiful, shapely glory on January 31st, when 2 Headed Shark Attack swims onto DVD (oh yeah I did.).

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