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2012: Fifteen Years of Asylum Greatness and Counting!

A quick post here to acknowledge that 2012 marks The Asylum's 15th year in business, in which time they have produced 100 movies completely independently. How do I know this? A little poster The Asylum tweeted yesterday told me:

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be airbrushing that onto the side of a van real soon. I mean, dig it: Moby Dick, Mega Shark, Mega Python, Gatoroid, a Terminator, a Transmorpher, H.M.S. Titantic 2, a zombie that from here looks like Geoff Meed, a car going at least 200MPH and, oh yeah, a 2 headed shark. There's also a pretty rad accompanying video that hits on the company's highlights of the last 15 years that makes its debut on the 2 Headed Shark Attack DVD, out January 31st.

If this is what the last 15 years have given us, who can even conceive of how incredible the next 15 will be? 2012 is already shaping up to one of the busiest and most interesting years for The Asylum, and they've only revealed half a dozen flicks so far. As usual, come back here often for the lowdown on any and all things Asylum.

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