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Grimm's Snow White Gets a Poster!

One of The Asylum films I'm really looking forward to this year is Grimm's Snow White, from screenwriter Naomi Selfman (Mega Python vs Gatoroid) and director Rachel Lee Goldenberg (Sherlock Holmes), two of my favorites.

A dark twist on the classic fairy tale, this one promises evil queens, reptilian monsters and hot chicks with bows and arrows. And now, behold the poster:

Looking at the creatures, they come off as pretty rad, and I like the fact that Snow White hasn't been cast traditionally, as a brunette, but rather as an "Alice in Wonderland" look-a-like. You definitely know you're in for a unique interpretation. 

The film, starring Jane March, Jamie Thomas King and Eliza Bennett, hits DVD shelves on March 13th.

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  1. Very fucking nice. Probably one of my top-favorite Asylum movie covers.