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No 3,000 Followers, No Mega Shark 3...?

Well, over the last month the fine folks at The Asylum had given we faithfully committed the chance of a lifetime - the chance to earn the greenlighting of Mega Shark 3, and all we had to do to was pump their Twitter followers up to 3,000 by December 31st...

...and we failed.

That's right, at post-time, @theasylumcc only had 1,543 followers, barely half of the number required. So as it stands, as there does not seem to be enough interest, there will be no Mega Shark 3.

I'm going to say that again, so the finality of its weight might reverberate inside your soul: there will be no Mega Shark 3.

Doesn't sound good, does it? Doesn't sound like any kind of world one would want to be a part of, does it? How could we have dropped the ball like this? How could we have gone bald-faced right up to this gift horse and stuck our heads into its mouth? That's a gross analogy, I'll admit, but what we have here is a gross mishandling of opportunity. 3,000 followers. In social networking terms, that's next to nothing. One person tells one person who tells thirty more who tell three hundred apiece and bada-bing! We got the final installment to the greatest marine trilogy of ALL TIME.

But now, alas, all is lost...

...or is it? 

Probably, but Asylum partner David Michael Latt has issued the challenge that if @theasylumcc hits 2,000 followers by next Monday, they'll consider a third installment. No guarantees as before, but it is the tiniest sliver of hope, and sometimes, that's all you need.

So here's what we're going to do, gang: we're going to follow @theasylumcc on Twitter if we don't already; we're going to sign up for Twitter if we don't already have an account and follow @theasylumcc: we're going to take to said Twitter accounts and beg everyone who follows us to follow also @theasylumcc; we're going to repeat this begging on Facebook, Google+, our personal blogs and websites, any pertinent message boards we frequent, actual people met in the physical world et cetera until we acquire not only the 2,000 followers challenged to us, but then the extra 1,000 we were supposed to get the first time, because it's the right thing to do, and because it would result in a truly awesome movie; what further motivation do you need?

There is nothing rarer in life than a second chance; who would dare waste it?


  1. The problem with this, is not everyone uses twitter. Actually, a very small percentage of people use Twitter in the grand scheme of things, so in no way does the amount of twitter followers accurately portray how much interest there is in a movie.

  2. I'd say is better to get the followers for the Facebook page, i think FB is way more popular than Twitter.