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Another Salemite Revealed

Courtesy of A Haunting in Salem's IMDB page, another cast member of the upcoming Asylum ghost story has been revealed. The film already stars Bill Oberst Jr, Nicholas Harsin, Courtney Abbiati, Gerald Webb and Jenna Stone, and now, at last, the identity of the last major character, "Mike," deputy to Mr. Oberst's sheriff, is out in the open: none other than Carey Van Dyke.

Carey is the older brother of Salem director Shane Van Dyke, son of Barry (6 Guns), and is best known - to me, at least - for his awesome work in Mega Python vs Gatoroid as Tiffany's intended, Justin. Dude had a great (SPOILER) death scene in that one. He also appeared in notable roles in both films Shane directed last year for the Asylum - Titanic II and 6 Guns.

Having a little insight to the character - as, if you didn't already know from my incessant mentioning of it, I wrote this script - I think CVD is an excellent choice for the character I consider the most likable of the film. Another score for the Asylum casting department.

A Haunting in Salem is filming now in Pasadena, CA for an August 23, 2011 release. Rest assured I'll remind you. Constantly.

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