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REMINDER: Live Blog Event During Almighty Thor

Just a reminder post here that this Saturday, May 7th, at 9pm PST I'll be sitting down - hopefully with millions of others of you, to watch the SyFy premiere of the latest Asylum masterpiece, Almighty Thor.

For those of you unfamiliar with my live blog events - which I've done in the past for the SyFy premieres of Mega Python vs Gatoroid and Battle of Los Angeles - mostly they involve me commenting live here as I watch the film, as well as sharing some embarrassing photos of myself and my lucky wife enjoying the festivities with food, cocktails and some sort of grossly exaggerated desert.

On the menu for this event? Richard Greek-o Goat Cheese Lamburgers, w/ Kevin Nash-ed Potatoes, and for desert? Chocolate Cody'd Deal-icious Ice Cream Sundaes.

I shit you not, true-believers, Im'ma eat this stuff.

But I'm not the only online event going down during the premiere; I'm not even the most legit: Cody Deal, Almighty Thor himself, will be live Tweeting during the film's East Coast showing (that's 6-8 our time, Westies). This guy's been doing an amazing job getting the word out there, drawing some unprecedented publicity for the film. We Asylum fanatics have a very real chance of trumping Lake Placid 3' reigning ratings-record for SyFy Saturday Originals (3 million viewers).

So while you're spreading the word and getting everyone you know to watch, used these links for supplemental materials:

from Media Blvd.

from LIVE with USC's CU@USC: Part 1  Part 2

from Adrenaline Radio 1680 AM on the Acting Up Show with Steve & Skyler

from me

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