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This is the House Haunted in Salem

Courtesy of a twitpic by actor Nicholas Harsin, I give you the house that is haunted in "Salem," aka Pasadena, California:

Beautiful property, and creepy, to say the least. Whoever scouts locations for The Asylum, my cap's off to you.

Also courtesy of Twitter, this time from actress Jenna Stone, "Ali," in the movie, this hint at a pivotal scene:

Jenna Stone: Best. Sport. Ever. I won't give anything away about the scene this is for, but I knew when I wrote it someone would have to pull it off, and by all accounts, Miss Stone pulled it off with aplomb.

A Haunting in Salem wraps production in a couple weeks for an August 23rd DVD release. The great and powerful Shane Van Dyke directs. And oh's in 3D.

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  1. This movie was so horrible. -_- The house was cool though! I found the acting terrible and sorry but the wife and husband were so unbelievable as a couple it was painful.