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Asylum Should-Stars #8

Here at Committed, I'm always looking for ways to prolong my love affair with Asylum blogging. I've done inmate profiles - spotlights on Asylum personnel - and I've done pitches - shameless attempts to get hired in marketing/development - but now, I'm melding the best of these features into one, amalgamated column: the awkwardly-named Asylum Should-Stars, in which I present actors/actresses/other cultural figures I think would make lovely additions to the Asylum's stable of performers. More mindless fun to wile away your workday! Let's dive right in, shall we?

Name: Lee Majors

Best Known For: "The Six Million Dollar Man," "The Fall Guy," Out Cold

Plays: Tough and gruff leading men, superhumanly stubborn plain-talkers with a dose of rural charm.

Could Be Cast As: Nowadays he could be the curt patriarch, or the old-school business tycoon/ government uppercrust. Give him a role as a high-ranking military commander in a sci-fi epic or creature feature, or flip it and give him a role as an esteemed fraternity elder or the hot chick's formidable father.

Name: Clare Carey

Best Known For: "Coach," "Weeds," Flu Bird Horror

Plays: Sexy/sassy girls next door, intelligent MILFS, sultry authority figures.

Could Be Cast As: Really any female lead; she's smart enough to play a scientist or doctor, coarse enough to play military, and hot enough to play the leading man's (capable) love interest/damsel in distress. Pick your genre with this lady: my instincts are should could handle all of it.

Name: Gabriel Macht

Best Known For: The Spirit

Plays:  Thus far kind of all over, but mostly your standard good-looking/troubled action hero: cops, vigilantes, etc.

Could Be Cast As: A whole range of rogue scientists/soldiers/small-town law enforcement facing unimaginable monsters/disasters/invading forced. This guy's a good actor who got shafted by the excesses of an unproven director and deserves a shot at B-movie legitimacy.

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