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Holy Crap!!! A Haunting in Salem Gets a Poster and First Stills!

Man oh man oh man oh I am so in the midst of preparing for tonight's Almighty Thor blog that I almost missed this...The Asylum has put up the first stills and the poster for A Haunting in Salem 3D!!!

The poster is above and the stills can be seen here, and from the looks of everything, director Shane Van Dyke and principle cast members Bill Oberst Jr, Nicholas Harsin, jenna Stone and Courtney Abbiati are doing an awesome job! The image on the poster I want tattooed, full-color on my back, and the stills from this scare the shit out of me, and I wrote the script!

A Haunting in Salem drops on DVD August 23rd, aka the Best Day Ever.


  1. That poster is something to be proud of. It really looks great!

    And the fact that the movie will be in 3D is cool. But will it be distributed as colored-lens type or the new type for 3D TVs?

  2. i'm not sure, but i think it will be colored-lens type.