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inmate profile: Richard Grieco

In continuing the spotlighting of the cast and crew of The Asylum's next release, Almighty Thor, debuting this Saturday night, May 7th, at 9pm everywhere on SyFy, I thought we'd delve a little into the career of the film's biggest name, the nuanced and charmingly pensive Richard Grieco.

Grieco burst onto the entertainment scene in 1986 with his role as Rick Gardner on ABC's long-running (and recently-canceled) "One Life to Live." As soon as female fans laid their eyes on him, his star went supernova. A year later he was cast in Fox's super-cool and now iconic (plus being remade as a feature film) "21 Jump Street," alongside fellow-heartthrob Johnny Depp. But Grieco's star was too big to shine in another's galaxy, so Fox wisely - and quickly - gave him his very own spinoff, Booker

From there Grieco took his craft to the cinema, making his silver screen debut in the spy-gadget-action-comedy If Looks Could Kill, incidentally one of my favorite films as a young teenager as well as my introduction to all that is fine and wonderful about Gabrielle Anwar; but I digress.

Since then, Grieco has continued to work steadily in film, including titles like Mobsters, The Demolitionist, A Night at the Roxbury, Webs, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and now, Almighty Thor, in which he plays Thor's older, more mischievous and malevolent brother, Loki. 

From what I've been able to discern from stills and the trailer, Grieco looks to be approaching the role with more menace than this trickster god has been typically presented, but when Thor's packing an uzi,you gotta bring a little something extra to the table.

Find out just how awesome Grieco is as Loki this Saturday night, 9pm, on the one and only SyFy. There's a great chance this could be the film to trump that fiend Sharktopus and nab the all-time SyFy Original Movie ratings champion title, but only if you and all your friends tune in. Tweet away!

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  1. Is it just me or does Richard Grieco look like a complete psychopath?