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Unique Mega Shark T-Shirt Opportunity

Marco Brunello, one of our fellow faithfully-committed and the biggest Asylum fan in Italy (if not mainland Europe), was inspired so much by the films of our favorite independent studio that he created a couple of minimalist poster designs for Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus and Almighty Thor.

The story goes that Asylum partner David Michael Latt was so taken by the design for MSvGO, that he asked Marco to make it into a t-shirt. So that's just what Marco did, and they're available to us, the general public, right here.

Marco runs an excellent Asylum fanblog called Going to the Asylum, and while Google Translator isn't the best, it's still a great read.

Support the Asylum's legion of worldwide fans and their dedicated creativity! Buy a t-shirt! Kudos to Marco on art well-made!


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