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Two More Salem Cast Members Revealed

Now that production has wrapped on The Asylum's next horror film A Haunting in Salem - directed by Shane Van Dyke from a script I wrote - we're getting more details about who will be supporting the principle cast of Bill Oberst Jr., Courtney Abbiati, Jenna Stone and Nicholas Harsin. We already know the great Gerald Webb (Battle of Los Angeles, MSvC) will be playing Mayor Collins, and Carey Van Dyke (MPvG) will fill the role of Deputy Mike; now we can add two more names, in albeit smaller roles, but it's my firm believe - since, again, I wrote the script - that there are no small parts in A Haunting in Salem, just one with fewer lines. And screen time. Anyway...

First up is the lovely Catherine Lidstone (left) playing the role of "Sarah Good," about which I will divulge no spoilers. In addition to acting, Ms. Lidstone is also a singer/songwriter, and spent her college years at beautiful Middlebury College in Vermont. This will be Ms. Lidstone's first film, but as tremendous a film as A Haunting in Salem is going to be - think The Others meets Paranormal Activity with better camerawork and a more classical narrative approach, plus that extra dimension - no doubt this time next year she'll be a household name :)

And then there is Ashley Barron (right), another relative newcomer (she played "Pretty Girl" in Transylmania, which is kinda funny), who will be featured in the role of "Bystander." I can give a little spoiler on this one - sidewalk - but that's it. Again, as record-breaking a cinematic accomplishment as A Haunting in Salem is destined to be, I have every confidence that Ms. Barron's career trajectory just shot straight up (out? whichever way's good...).

Check out the work of these talented actresses, as well as the rest of the exemplary cast and the efforts of the greatest collection of filmmakers and crew members known to man when A Haunting in Salem drops on DVD August 23rd of this year. 

If you're feeling particularly antsy, pre-order the DVD or BLU-RAY on Amazon. It's 3D!!!

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