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Your Chance for a Cameo Role in an Asylum Film

In what has got to be the coolest social media promotion in the history of such things, The Asylum is boldly offering a cameo role in an upcoming (as-yet-undetermined) film to the lucky soul who becomes their 1,000th Follower on Twitter. 

If you're not local to the L.A. area, seems you will have to provide your own transportation and lodging, but who cares? You'd be in an Asylum movie. I'd walk to L.A. and sleep under a bridge to get eaten by a two-headed shark or scream as an alien ray vaporizes my every molecule.

So tell everyone you know - friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, lovers, roommates, cabbies, waiters, drug dealers, total strangers - to help you win the role of a lifetime by following The Asylum on Twitter.

And if the 1,000th follower comes from reading this post, you owe me an exclusive on-set photo. Plus I'll profile ya!

Let the games begin right here.

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