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First Few Details on Dragon Crusaders!

This image has nothing to do w/ the movie, but it's what you get when you Google "man-dragon"

So over at The Asylum site today, they've just put up the page for the upcoming action epic Dragon Crusaders. And though only a few details have been released, they're good ones. 

Firstly, and best-ly, this film is, as I hoped it would be, written, directed and photographed by the great Mark Atkins (Battle of Los Angeles, Haunting of Winchester House and two previous Asylum dragon flicks, Merlin and the War of the Dragons and Dragonquest.). This has to have been the film he referenced working on in his EXCLUSIVE COMMITTED INTERVIEW back in February. Atkins has proven himself time and again a great director and writer, and as this seems to be a genre of particular fancy for him, expect awesome things. 

And then there's the synopsis: "A group of fugitive Knights Templar attacks a pirate ship and they are cursed to turn into hideous monsters. To fight the curse and ultimately save they world, they must defeat the wizard-dragon who is determined to destroy it."

Knights Templar? Fugitive Knights Templar? That are turned into monsters? That have to then defeat another man-monster, this one a wizard? Awesome, awesome, awesome and awesome. I'm already salivating over the visual effects.

Summer just got a little longer, because this one doesn't street until September 27 of this year.


  1. DragonQuest, IMO, is Asylum's worst movie that I've seen so far, so that has me a tad bit scared, but the fact that was 3-4 years ago and Battle of L.A. (Which is at the moment is my all-time favorite Asylum movie) is much more recent, even though Dragon Crusaders is more in-line with DragonQuest, I'm more then willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on this since going by Battle of L.A., it seems he's vastly improved since his previous dragon movie days.

  2. Maybe you should have put a pic of St. George Slaying the dragon. Since it 'technically' would work. You gots a knight with a sword (in place of a Templar) killing a dragon, then add a Vallejo pic of a wizard/dragon and maybe a still from Pirates of the Carribean to sorta cover the entire story outline.

    Convoluted? Kinda. Fun to work out these things? Yep.

  3. Karl Greenwood (Stampede Stunt Company), Dylan Jones (Dolbadarn Film Horses), and Tony Sams (Hippika Theatre) all are professional actors and equine stunt performers in the U.K., performing in live jousting and trick riding shows and horses for film and T.V.
    Karl Greenwood also plays the Cybermen in Dr. Who on BBC and in the live arena shows.
    Should be good then................