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1st Furry Valentine IS Princess and the Pony

So, as I kind of reported earlier, there were a couple of new title hints from The Asylum last week, one listed under their COMING SOON page as 1st Furry Valentine, and another hinted at from photos on their twitter feed listed as The Princess and the Pony. Well, thanks to this new page on The Asylum website, we now know these two titles are to be one and the same movie, slated to come out January 25 of next year. Seems our princess' 1st furry valentine is a pony owned by a shady carnival owner she meets when coming to visit American relatives. As reported earlier, 1st Furry Valentine will be written and directed by Rachel Lee Goldenberg, most recently of Sherlock Holmes. This is it for now, but next Whispers From Another Cell I'll have more on this. Until then...

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