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Clearing Up The Misperceptions

Great quick post here from someone high up at The Asylum, it's not attributed so I can't tell if it's Latt, Rimawi or Bales re-establishing The Asylum's view of itself for the clueless, kinda hateful masses who still don't get what's going on. 

I echo every one of these sentiments as a fan; what's described here is exactly the reason I love the work of The Asylum. We all have the big, important, meaningful films we want to see, but bottom line, we live in the real world - the real, taxing, draining, arduous, exhausting world - and by the time I flop down on my couch after a day's work, I don't always have the mental energy to engage or interact with a film. After all, it's the film's job to entertain me, not my job to be entertained. The Asylum shoulders this labor for me, giving me something I can put in, press play and be carried by for 80 to 90 minutes. "Art" is for students, teachers, critics and other sorts of men who can't grow proper facial hair. For the rest of us, the real us, there's media, there's culture, there's escapism; there's The Asylum.

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