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inmate profile: Leigh Scott

Leigh Scott is a born filmmaker. Raised in Wisconsin, Scott moved west to California at the age of 18 to attend film school at USC. While there, he interned for Roger Corman's Concorde Pictures, giving him his first glance at low-budget, high-imagination, creature-feature filmmaking. Scott first rose to prominence in Hollywood in 2004 via his films with The Asylum, where he worked primarily as a writer/director, but also as an editor, a cinematographer, a digital artist and a second unit director. Like Hitchcock, he also typically appears in his own films, usually in speaking roles. Though currently there are no plans for him to direct for The Asylum, Leigh Scott has been keeping busier than...well...I can't think of a metaphor, but he's been busy as shit, writing five scripts and shooting four films over the last two years, most through his own company, SweetPost Productions, a team that includes other Asylum veterans Kristen Quintrall and Justin Jones. His latest effort, the much-touted Witches of Oz 3D is in a similar vein to his work for The Asylum, and even stars Asylum perennial Sarah Lieving, among many, many others. A list of Mr. Scott's more notable work within Asylum walls:

  • Frankenstein Reborn...writer/director
  • The Beast of Bray Road...writer/director
  • King of the Lost World...writer/director
  • Exorcism: The Possession of Gail Bowers...writer/director
  • Hillside Cannibals...director
  • Dracula's Curse...writer/director
  • Pirates of Treasure Island...writer/director
  • The 9/11 Commission Report...writer/director
  • Dragon...writer/director
  • The Hitchhiker...writer/director
  • Transmorphers...writer/director
  • Invasion of the Pod People...writer
Leigh Scott, consider yourself saluted

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