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Recap of Asylum's Big Night on TV!!!

So as reported yesterday, the NBC late-nite show "Last Call with Carson Daly" aired a spotlight on The Asylum as a part of their program, and damn straight I paced my drinking well-enough to be able to check it out. I'm still hunting online for a video of the segment, which I know will be posted eventually, but so far I'm coming up empty handed. But it was a great piece, fun to see the guys chatting things Asylum. 

As I predicted, we did indeed get a sit-down with all three head honchos, David Michael Latt, David Rimawi and Paul Bales. The guys talked company history, keys to evolving success and revealed a bit about how they see themselves in relation to the Hollywood System. As soon as I find a vid link, I'll post it, but in the meantime, a sampling of what I thought were some of the highlights:

 * The gang hinting (what many of us suspected) that their marketing plan may be evolving yet again to include more, larger creature features over mockbusters.

* David Michal Latt's awesome Mega Shark t-shirt .

* Their stance on mockbusters as satire: it's the situation that's absurd, the reactions, however, are serious, and if The Asylum is satirizing anything, they're satirizing the Hollywood studio system, who Paul Bales quipped were "as uncreative and unoriginal as we are."

* Speaking of Paul Bales, his closing thoughts to the interview have inspired a new feature: get ready for Asylum Drinking Games.

All in all it was a great outing that hopefully got their website a little more traffic today and in the weeks to come. But, oddly enough, this was not the only mention of The Asylum on TV last night. On TMZ's TV show (judge me if you will, but i caught this), paparazzi is following actor extraordinaire Billy Zane, and they ask him if he's seen or heard of a little film called...wait for it...cuz he was in the first one...Titanic II. Billy plays it aloof, which I think he's doing for the cameras, but while he's thinking they do throw in some clips from the Shane Van Dyke movie. More free publicity, the best kind.

So a big showing on networks for The Asylum last night. With a lot of great features coming out in the next few months, let's hope the excitement and interest just keeps building!

(photo courtesy of WIRED)

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