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Creature Feature: The Ghost of John Wayne Gacy

As if being a psycho-clown wasn't scary enough, The Asylum had to go and up the ante by making John Wayne Gacy - a contender for America's most fucked- up serial killer, a tough contest - a dead psycho-clown continuing his killspree from beyond the grave. (I particularly like that the evil spirit that inhabited the body of one JWG and now comes and goes as it pleases from the netherrealm does so still decked out in its creepy-ass clown makeup.)

But truth be told, despite the barrage of usual ghostly powers - invisibility, super strength, general imperviousness, et cetera - the ghost of John Wayne Gacy has a long way to go before it catches up with the man John Wayne Gacy. Gacy the ghost killed a measly six people over the course of 8213 Gacy House. Shit, in real life Gacy the man killed more than that in 1976 - that we know about. All told, Gacy-man racked up a confirmed kill-count of 33 dudes in the 1970's, but that's just a minimum. Who knows how many more were sent downriver or otherwise disposed of? Bottom line, there will need to be a few more Gacy-ghost movies before those figures get equivalent, meaning for now, Gacy the ghost is only 1/5th as frightening as Gacy the man, so it's a good thing that sick son of a bitch is dead.

Still, suggestions for Gacy-ghost sequels: 

  • a home-makeover show tries to turn the land Gacy House was on into a shelter for abused children, who fight back against the biggest abuser of all, kind of like a pint-sized version of A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.
  • an eccentric and macabre millionaire builds a mansion with the original materials from the Gacy House then invites half a dozen complete strangers to the mansion in order to participate in some fiendishly lavish and fake treasure hunt that in reality is just a ploy to enact revenge upon the strangers, each a cog in some long-past plot that somehow ruined the life of said millionaire. Then Gacy-ghost kills them all.
  • just after being executed, Gacy-ghost finds himself as the guardian spirit of a trio of young, sassy siblings whose parents are both dead. All these rascals need is a little guidance,a lot of love, and a dash of divine intervention and they'll avoid the pratfalls of a parentless adolescence. Instead, though, Gacy-ghost spares them that by just killing them.  

Just some food for thought, something to get those numbers up, cuz right now it's the dude who played "Francis" in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure that racks up the biggest clown-faced body count, and nobody wants that.


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  2. the other two being HALLOWEEN NIGHT, the asylum's response to rob zombie's resurrection of john carpenter's iconic franchise and 666: THE CHILD, their reaction to the 2006 reboot of THE OMEN. HALLOWEEN NIGHT was directed by Asylum jack-of-all-trades Mark Atkins, director of the upcoming BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES, and 666 was directed by Jack Perez, who the COMMITTED might know better as Ace Hannah, writer/director of the most seminal film of our generation, MEGA SHARK vs GIANT OCTOPUS. this is a great deal, as all three films are watchable and re-watchable.