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The Asylum on Network TV! Tonight! Tell Everyone!

Tonight on NBC - technically tomorrow morning - at 1:35 in the AM, there's a certain late-nite talk show that has made the very wise decision to do a feature on The Asylum. That show? "Last Call With Carson Daly."

The are only two words that come to mind to describe this: fucking awesome.

I've had my issues with Carson Daly in the past, but this wipes the slate clean. He's a stand-up guy, a perseverer, a champion of the unrecognized genius.

Whatever the plan is, my bet is we get a sit down with David Michael Latt and David Rimawi, the co-founders, and maybe Paul Bales, another bigwig, and maybe even some footage from upcoming films, like, say......Mega Shark 2

I'm not holding my breath on that last one, but bottom line, the guys are on TV tonight! Network! Awesome!

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