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Help Mega Shark Reign Supreme!

There's a real travesty happening on the web right now, one that only we, devoted inmates of The Asylum, can remedy. Over at an ordinarily bitchin' website,, there's a battle brewing to see who sucks and who rules between our beloved Mega Shark and that laughable freak of nature Sharktopus. 

And friends, as it stands, Sharktopus Rules. Which means...I can't even say it.

Get thee to the web page, register (it's super easy and doesn't come with a bunch of spam bullshit, just good, geeky fun) and help turn this cultural frown upside down and re-install Mega Shark to his rightful throne as most bad-ass movie shark ever.

If we don't stand up to stuff like this, who will?


  1. I'm pretty sure spring break Spring Break Shark Attack beats them all.

  2. technically that would be many bad-ass sharks, not just one.