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Another NEW Asylum Title! UPDATED!!!

Thanks to the ever-handy Asylum twitter feed I've discovered another new title in production. It's called The Battle of Los Angeles  and it stars - or at least prominently features, Kel Mitchell, the other half of Kenan & Kel (Kenan is the Kenan on SNL). Good Burger is a classic in my book, and that's always been because of Kel, so it's great to see him working in something I'll see. No release dates or further details at this point, but for right now, the following picture tells me everything I need to know:

Man oh man is this one going to be awesome.

UPDATE: so, although there isn't mention of it on their home page, there is a product page for this film, seen here, which gives a little more information, the most notable of which is that the film is written and directed by none other than the prolific and versatile Mark Atkins. In other casting notes, Nia Peeples of North Shore and "Fame," well, fame, makes her first appearance for The Asylum, and Theresa Jun-Tao, another newbie, who appears to be some kind of dancer. The plot, as described by The Asylum:

"In January 1942 US forces engaged an unidentified flying object above Los Angeles. Now almost 70 years later, the alien invaders have returned. "

Allow me to reiterate my above statement: man oh man is this one going to be awesome. 

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