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#1 Cheerleader Camp Brings Home an Anatomy Award

So it seems the website Mr. Skin - the preeminent movie-nudity online archive - has at last announced the winners of their annual Anatomy Awards..."a celebration of Hollywood at its breast." Yeah. With categories like "Nudecomer of the Year," "Best Nude Parasailing," "Most Niptastic Nips," and "Best Glowing Boobs," you just know this is a good, albeit NSFW, scan. 

The big news here, of course, and the reason I'm posting about it (thanks to a heads up from The Asylum site) is that one of The Asylum's comedies from last year, the very funny #1 Cheerleader Camp, was named the winner of perhaps the most prestigious award of all: "Best B-Movie Nudity." 


As I mentioned in my congratulatory comment over at The Asylum site, there couldn't have been too many nominees in the "Best Nude Parasailing" or "Best Glowing Boobs" categories, but "Best B-Movie Nudity?" Come on. Part of the point of B-movies is nudity, they're crawling with them, so the sheer number of entrants in this category must have been through the roof. To have a claim on the "best nudity" is the direct-to-DVD sex comedy equivalent, in my book at least, to sweeping the Oscars.

So a hearty congratulations to everyone who bared some flesh in this truly funny movie. Get ready to watch the numbers on this one climb through the Netflix queue roof!

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  1. I have never seen #1 Cheerleader Camp but if I had my say in this I would have voted for Lake Placid 3. All natural! HHHHOOOOOOBOY! :D