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inmate RE-profile: Mark Atkins

In honor of the impending SyFy Premiere of the latest Asylum production, Battle of Los Angeles, Saturday, March 12th at 9pm, I thought I'd update and re-post the inmate profile I did on the versatile Mark Atkins, BoLA's writer/director/cinematographer.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a harder working dude in The Asylum's stable than Mark Atkins. Director, editor, writer and cinematographer, Atkins has had a hand in a plethora of Asylum productions. Check out these stats:

  • cinematographer of 23 films (too numerous to list here, but check out his IMDB for deets)
  • director of 8 (Halloween Night, Allan Quatermain..., Merlin and the War of Dragons, Dragonquest, Haunting of Winchester House, Princess of Mars and BoLA)
  • editor of 7
  • writer of 3 (Haunting of Winchester House, Princess of Mars, BoLA)
  • visual effects for 3
  • second unit director for 2

A graduate of the University of Central Florida, Atkins' first film, Night Orchid, won the Best First Feature Film award at the New Orleans Film Festival in 1997. Since then he has worked - as far as films are concerned - almost exclusively with The Asylum, which makes him not only an Original Inmate, but a true American hero. However, recently he has plied his many talents away from Asylum walls, though not devoid of Asylum faces: he worked as a cinematographer on Anthony Fankhauser's upcoming Shadow People and he's directed a film I'm stoked to see just based on the title, Sand Sharks, let alone the talent he's amassed for the film: Corin Nemic, Vanessa Lee Evigan (Journey to the Center of the Earth), and Brooke Hogan, among others. 

Seems you just can't keep Mark Atkins still.

If you still remember how to use MySpace, check him out here. Or if that's too antiquated for you, hit up his production website for more info on this champion behind the scenes.

And don't forget to check out his latest effort, Battle of Los Angeles, starring Kel Mitchell and Nia Peeples, Saturday, March 12th at 9pm.

Mark Atkins, consider yourself saluted. Again.

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