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Awesome Game Over at SyFy

March is the official month of Brackets. Think about it: whether you're enmeshed in the triumphs and tragedies of the NCAA tournament or not, chances are you still filled out a bracket. There's just something about pitting two random things against each other in a nice, orderly, structured tournament arrangement that appeals to our innate need to judge. Well, latching on to this base desire are the fine folks over at SyFy, who have instituted what will hopefully be the first in a new-found tradition: Monster Madness

That's right, in honor of their 200th Original Movie - "Scream of the Banshee," starring Lauren Holly and Lance Henriksen, airing tomorrow night at 9pm - SyFy has pitted 64 of their greatest original villains - including Asylum creatures Mega Shark, Mega Python, Mega Piranha, Gatoroid and Giant Octopus - against each other in a bracket system. And the best part? We the fans decide who advances and who gets bounced.

Seriously, this is a cool site. Each match-up comes with awesome illustrations of the creatures as well as facts on the flipside with the creatures' powers, abilities and other associated stats. Forget the tournament, I just want a complete set of SyFy original movie trading cards - ice spiders, mammoth, swamp devil, mongolian death worms - the gang's all here.
Anyway, voting for the first round of competition is open now, and the second round starts next Thursday, March 31st. Get over there NOW and get your votes in for your favs, including, of course, all the Asylum creatures, which at last check could use a boost in votes. Tell everyone you know! Retweet! Repost!

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  1. Those would be some pretty sweet trading cards.