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The Ratings Are In!

Did I call it, or did I call it?

Last Saturday, at the conclusion of the Battle of Los Angeles premiere on SyFy, I predicted that this latest Asylum film would generate 2.2 million viewers. Well, the ratings were published today, and I was pretty much right on the money: 2.18 million of us tuned in to watch a buffed-out Kel Mitchell and a katana-swinging, eyepatch-rocking Nia Peeples wage some serious war against alien invaders. 

This is a great number, I think, and hearty kudos are extended to everyone involved with BoLA.

I didn't find too many reviews out there as of yet - they'll probably descend like wildfire next week when the DVD is released, but the two I did, at JoBlo and a sci-fi blog were fairly complimentary.

Don't forget - in case you missed it, never fear, Battle of Los Angeles will be on DVD in less than a week, next Tuesday, March 22nd.


  1. Will it be coming out on BluRay at the same time? Or are they holding off on the BluRay until a later date?

    Also, I saw on SyFy's twitter today that this is the 3rd movie of theirs this year to break 2 million viewers. I know Mega Python vs Gatoroid was another. Any idea what the third was?

    2 out of 3 of their biggest movies of the year have been Asylum-made movies. Asylum has something to be proud of themselves over I think :)

  2. @Jeff The 3rd movie to break 2 million this year was 'Behemoth'. Here's the press release posted over at

    Here's another review of the film but it isn't very complimentary...

  3. Well to be honest, on a whole, SyFy and Asylum movies normally get pretty bad reviews from the average movie website.

    But I pay no mind whatsoever to those reviews because SyFy and Asylum movies aren't made for the average movie goer or film geek. They're made specifically for people like us - lovers of bad low budget flicks. That's why I go to sites like this one and a few others, because they're actual fans of these types of movies, and it's hard to come by reviews of these kinds of movies, by these kinds of people.

  4. @Jeff Can you share those other sites you visit that share our love for these kinds of movies?


  5. There's a positive review over at It sounds VERY similar to what I said on my podcast review. :)