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First Stills From Born Bad Now Up!

I blogged last week about how happy I was to at long last receive word that Born Bad was in production, and now, in true Asylum fashion, the first images from the set are available here!

A couple of things we learn here: Michael Welch, playing the bad boy, is indeed the Michael Welch of the Twilight films and "Joan of Arcadia;" Bill Oberst Jr. looks wickedly awesome, and ever-young Meredith Monroe and David Chokachi actually make a convincing couple. Furthermore, from the seedy, small-town trashy look of things, this is going to be a brutal thriller the likes of which The Asylum has yet to produce!

There are many long months until Born Bad drops in November, but check in with me next week for a profile on writer/director Jared Cohn, and, of course, as soon as additional information becomes available, you'll know it as soon as I do.

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