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Lovely Ladies of the Asylum vol. 4

I'm not a fool, gentlemen. I know what brings you here, what lures you in, coaxes your hits, some of you at least. It isn't the snarky commentary, or the breaking news, the hard-hitting interviews or deep-digging profiles, no, it's not me at all, is it? I see the keywords from my Google hits, and I know a picture of a pretty lady brings in more readers than the phrase "observation notes." 

Not that I can blame you: The Asylum employs a score of attractive and - more importantly - capable, intelligent and talented actresses well worthy of your search engine adoration. So, to gives my readers something I know they want and would never ask for, I tastefully present a pictorial tribute to some of The Asylum's beautiful leading ladies. Enjoy.

Monique La Barr

The Terminators
Death Racers
666: The Beast
The Apocalypse
Dracula's Curse
Hillside Cannibals

Amelia Jackson Gray

Journey to the Center of the Earth
Halloween Night
Snakes on a Train

Alexandra Boylan
The Hitchhiker
Pirates of Treasure Island

Elissa Dowling

Death Racers
Dracula's Curse

Maura Murphy

#1 Cheerleader Camp
Sex Pot   

Caroline Attwood

Journey to the Center of the Earth
Death Racers

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