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Battle of L.A Now on DVD! Plus Asylum Blu-Ray Info!

That's right, my fellow committed, today marks the official DVD release of the latest Asylum production, the sci-fi war-epic Battle of Los Angeles, written and directed by Mark Atkins and starring Kel Mitchel and Nia Peeples, among many talented others (Ed Deruiter and Gerald Webb, I'm looking at y'all). The film debuted on SyFy last, last weekend to a whopping 2.18 million viewers, and now it's available at Netflix, Redbox, of course your local independent video store, and for purchase online. I really liked this one, thought it was action-packed while simultaneously character-driven, adorned with great performances, excellent effects and taut, succinct direction. Do yourself a favor and lay hands on this guy as soon as possible.

And in similar news - courtesy of reader/fan/rad blogger/cool dude Jeff Long - we got a list of the Asylum titles that will be released on blu-ray through American Colossus Wal-Mart in the coming months:
  •  Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus
  • Battle of Los Angeles
  • 2010: Moby Dick
  • Titanic II
  • Transmorphers
  • Meteor Apocalypse
The only one I have a for-sure release date on is MSvC, April 11, but I figure with a little digging the others can be had. I'll get it to you when that digging's done. Happy viewing! 

Check out the official trailer here! 

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  1. Another twitter update for you. Syfy recently released a list of movies they're putting out over the next year, which can be found here:

    Out of that awesome-sounding list, is a zombie movie. That's important for later in my story, lol. After reading that list, I made two tweets:

    @SyfyMovies is putting out some excellent-sounding original movies over the next year. I'll be tuning in, that's for sure.

    Altho I have to ask: Where are more @SyfyMovies & @theasylumcc team-up movies? I see NONE slated for the next year, which is disappointing

    At which Syfy replied:

    Don't be disappointed, @Slushie_Man - Our Asylum friends will be doing the zombie movie, and a few others that have yet to be announced. :)

    So there you have it. An exclusive that Asylum's website doesn't even have listed yet, lol