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inmate profile: Nia Peeples

In anticipation of this weekend's big premiere (Battle of Los Angeles on SyFy, Saturday night), I've been devoting some Inmate Profiles lately to the creative forces behind the film. Early last week I re-profiled writer/director Mark Atkins, and last Friday I threw the spotlight on actor Kel Mitchell. Coming down to the wire now, it's time to feature the film's other lead actor, the lovely and talented Nia Peeples.

A born and raised California girl, Ms. Peeples first came to the attention of our cultural consciousness as "Nicole" in the performing arts film Fame, a role she recreated in 27 episodes of the subsequent television show. From there it was a slew of work in film and television including the cult surf favorite North Shore, the underwater sci-fi thriller DeepStar Six, a 47-episode run on "Walker, Texas Ranger" opposite the great Chuck Norris, 130 episodes of "The Young and the Restless," and, oh yeah, a #1 Single on the Dance Charts in 1988, "Trouble." Currently she can be seen on the ABC Family drama "Pretty Little Liars."

On a personal note, as a kid I must have seen North Shore two dozen times; seems like TBS had it playing every Saturday of my childhood. Nia Peeples was the cutest girl I had ever seen (until The Wizard came out). I've always been a big fan, and while I must admit I haven't seen a lot of her recent work, I think the idea of her as some sort of alien-whooping badass (as I assume from the picture below) is a perfect fit for an actress who's equal parts beauty, passion, sass and sincerity.

Tune in this Saturday at 9pm on SyFy for Nia Peeples starring in the latest from The Asylum, Battle of Los Angeles.

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