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inmate profile: Jared Cohn

It's still a good long while until Born Bad hits DVD - November 8, to be precise - but it's never too early to start ramping up the hype for this destined-to-be classic tale of a good girl's world shattered by a really bad guy. And where better to start, I thought, than with the man responsible for Born Bad both on the page and behind the camera: writer/director (and accomplished actor, inside Asylum walls and out), Jared Cohn.

After graduating from the reputable New York Institute of Technology with a BFA in Communication Arts, Cohn switched coasts and found acting work with The Asylum, making his motion picture debut in 2005's Alien Abduction, also writer/director Eric Mega Piranha Forsberg's first Asylum feature. Cohn would act in three other Asylum productions - Way of the Vampire, Legion of the Dead and Halloween Night - as well as a slew of other productions including Blood Predator, Teary Sockets, Plaguers, and, most recently, Revenants (he also acts under the name Jared Michaels).

As a writer/director, Cohn has another project already under his belt, The Carpenter: Part 1 - And So They Die, which I haven't seen, but you gotta respect the ambition of that title.

With a resume like this, and a look at the photos on his website, it seems Jared Cohn isn't a squeamish guy. What does that mean for Born Bad? Well, by all accounts, this is a straight up thriller - no monsters or creatures or other supernatural bent - so I would say we're in for some good, old-fashioned brutal violence, the kind of shit that makes the throat-rip from Roadhouse look like the puck-catch in Untamed Heart (work with me on that one...)

And though, as mentioned, we've got a while until the film is released, I'm willing to bet it's worth the wait.

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