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Announcing Another Live Blogfest!!!

That's right, my fellow faithfully-committed, I had so much fun with the Mega Marathon Blogfest back in January, that I've decided to do it again, this time for the World Premiere of The Asylum's latest Sci-Fi/SyFy epic, Battle of Los Angeles.

The film  - written and directed by Mark Atkins and starring Kel Mitchell and Nia Peeples - airs on SyFy this Saturday night, March 12th, at 9pm in every time zone, and starting at 8:30pm - Pacific Standard Time, of course - I'll be going live right here with background info on the story and the stars, live observation notes (spoiler free), taking your comments and jeers, and, as usual, posting embarrassing photographs of myself totally and utterly geeking out to a SyFy Saturday night.

On the menu I've got planned some Good Burgers (I know, I know, and if you think this is bad...) as well as a surprise Fruity Peeples Treat (...I warned you.) to snack on, and while I'll most likely be sticking to my usual libation (vodka tonic with lime), I will be sampling a few shots throughout the evening with "Alien" in the title, including (possibly, some of this shit sounds gross, but perhaps that's the point) the "Alien Nipple," the "Alien Secretion," the "Alien Suicide," and the "Alien Piss Sample." So, good times there.

Either way I'm getting what I think is gonna be a great movie out of the deal, so if you're watching this Saturday night at 9pm - which you and everyone you know should totally be doing - dial me up on the old interweb and enjoy my shenanigans as I step one millimeter closer to fulfilling my dream of becoming SyFy Saturday Nights' Robert Osborne.*

*I keep meaning to get a Facebook page up to this effect, a la Betty White and SNL, but all my energies in that department of late are focused on getting Billy Crystal back as the Oscars host.


  1. Can't quite work out the poster. Are the aliens' ground forces led by a giant Oscar?

  2. You need to look into doing these with video chat using Tinychat or something. That would rock.