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200MPH on DVD!!! PLus...a New Blog Event!!!

Double -shot of good news today:

First things first, it's Tuesday, which means fresh DVDs have been delivered, and easily the best of the bunch this week is the latest Asylum release, 200MPH, starring Jaz Martin and AnnaMaria Demara, and directed by Cole McKay. If you scroll down but a few inches, you'll find my observation notes on the film, which is well worth rushing to the video store and even trampling a person or two to get.

Secondly, the next Asylum release, Almighty Thor - starring Cody Deal, Richard Grieco and Kevin Nash, written by Eric Forsberg and directed by Christopher Ray - is itself only a few weeks from its May 10th DVD release. However, three days before that, on Saturday the 7th, at 9pm no matter what your North American timezone, the film will get its World Premiere on SyFy. Which guessed it...another Mega-Live Blogfest! Join me that night about half an hour before showtime and watch along with my snarky observations, cumbersome back-information on cast, crew and story, as well as cocktails, a possible theme-meal, and everybody's favorite, a giant Rice Krispie treat I decorate (crudely) in honor of the film. The fun goes down not this Saturday, but the Saturday after, so schedule accordingly.

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