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Committed Gets 50,000th Hit!!!

That's right, believe it or not, only eight or so months after going live, Committed has logged its 50,000th hit. It went down about midnight this last Sunday, with the big hit itself coming from beautiful Los Angeles, California. Thanks, Angelinos!

So, a big, heartfelt and sincere thanks to everyone who's dropped by the last several months, especially those of you that have dropped by more than once, left comments, passed along information, et cetera. Without you guys, I'm just some dude in a basement with a weird hobby. With you guys, I'm some dude in a basement with a weird hobby and readership. That's a huge difference, believe me.

And of course, another reiteration of my undying affection for The Asylum is in order. Thanks for the scores of great movies, and thanks for the support. Go ahead and throw away the key, because you can count me forever-committed.

And yes, I both recognize and am delighted by the fact that the graph denoting my 50,000th hit looks like a Mega Shark fin skimming the surface. Another sign it was meant to be.

Viva la Asylum!


  1. Congrats, chum! It couldn't have happened to a more wonderful site! You sooo crazy!

  2. That stat is awesome. IT IS MEGASHARK!

    My states tend to look more like batman.