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Here We Go Again! ANOTHER Salem Cast Member Revealed!

The good news just keeps on coming in regards to the casting of the next Asylum ghost story, A Haunting in Salem: just added to the cast is none other than Gerald Webb (Battle of Los Angeles, Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus). Webb will be filling the role of "Mayor Collins."

Personally, I think this is another great choice. Most of my experience with Webb is in action flicks, so it will be nice to see him in another light.

For more on Gerald Webb, come back this Tuesday for my exclusive interview with him, in which he discusses his days as a lauded DJ, his experiences with The Asylum as both an actor and a casting director, and the unexpected difficulty of keeping a kickball low to the ground. Nothing's off limits!

Congrats to Mr. Webb on the role! No doubt he'll knock it out of the park. Add him to Bill Oberst Jr. and Nicholas Harsin, and this is shaping up to be one fine cast (in addition to having a great director, Shane Van Dyke, and me as a writer). Wonder who's next...

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