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Sounds Like An Asylum Film to Me

So, I probably should have posted this one a week ago, but I like the idea enough that even though the moment has passed, I'm gonna try to keep the "super-moon" craze going for just one more day.

So the basis here, as no doubt everyone knows and has forgotten, was that last week the moon was the closest it's been to us in twenty or so years, making it appear bigger and brighter than normal. Strangely enough, this had no effect whatsoever on the real world.

In my world, however, this close encounter royally fucks things up. The rising of the super-moon coincides with the climax of a massive meteor's journey toward Earth; the moon takes the hit, getting pushed even closer to the planet, resulting in a combination of catastrophes:
  • tidal swells that push in every coastline in the world by fifty miles.
  • a marked increase in "lunatic" activity - that is, people whose equilibria are stretched and twisted by the gravitational pull of our lunar satellite, making them go ape-shit.
  • a spike in werewolf attacks.
In this disaster scenario, you see, it isn't about surviving the multiple catastrophes - you cannot; if they get you you're gotten - it's about avoiding them, staying alive as long as possible and hoping you can outlast the evil silver disc wreaking havoc from it's lofty perspective. I'm thinking this ends in Kansas, Nebraska, you know, somewhere flat and wheaty.

No scientists or military personnel here, at least not as our protagonists. No, I'm thinking we keep this one on a family level, like The Apocalypse; just parents and a couple or few kids trying to stay one step ahead of the turmoil.

And think about it - a natural disaster flick that incorporates supernatural beings! Who's done that before? Irwin Allen never threw sea serpents into The Poseidon Adventure; Wolfgang Petersen didn't add pterodactyls to Air Force One...but you know as soon as you read these things, you wish to shit they had...

Just sayin'.

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  1. A natural disaster movie with supernatural beings is an awesome idea. It could even be that the monsters somehow save the day, if only for selfish ends. The possibilities are endless!