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First Almighty Thor Teaser Goes Up at Moviehole!

The good people over at have scored the first teaser clip for the upcoming Asylum epic Almighty Thor.

Just a quick fight scene here, but we finally get to see both Richard Grieco - as Loki - and star Cody Deal - as the titular Norse god - and both look great. Grieco looks to bring a certain level of creepiness to the character, while Deal's Thor looks to be both physically powerful and emotionally vulnerable, which could add depth to this historically rigid and distant character.
Check out the clip for yourself then, if you're looking for even more Thor, head over to Comic Book Move dot com for their incredibly thorough sit-down with Mr. Deal.

Almighty Thor - which also stars Kevin Nash as Odin and was written by Eric Mega Piranha Forsrberg and directed by Christopher MSvC Ray - will premiere on SyFy Saturday, May 7th, then drop on DVD the following Tuesday, May 10th.

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