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Another Cast Member Added to A Haunting in Salem!

You can just go ahead and assume any time there's any news whatsoever about A Haunting in Salem, I"m going to blog about it. Cuz I wrote the script (I'm probably going to mention that every time too, sorry, I'm still learning to believe it.).

With production starting on Monday, April 25th, the cast is starting to be finalized. Already this week it was revealed that the film is being directed by Shane Van Dyke, and the lead would be played by Bill Oberst Jr (who, btw, the more I think of in the lead the more I am convinced he is PERFECT for it), but now there's word on one of the children, to be played by actor Nicholas Harsin.

Young Mr. Harsin is a relative-newcomer with a good bit of work on his resume, but this looks to be his first feature (mine too.). Again, having a little bit of insight into the role he's playing, I think this is another solid casting. He's a good-looking, clean-cut kid with a bit of unsuspected depth, at least in photos. Consider my hopes quite high.

Still a few roles left to cast, and the second I know about it, you'll know about it. 

Congrats, Nicholas!


  1. You wrote this movie? Awesome! Now I can't wait!

  2. Cool kid cant wait for the movie!