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inmate profle: Alex Yellen

As regular readers of Committed know, in the weeks leading up to the release of an Asylum film I like to throw out a few more inmate profiles than normal, spotlighting the creative talent behind the impending film. As 200mph opens on in only a few weeks, on April 26th, I thought we'd get started. First up: Asylum cinematographer extraordinaire Alex Yellen.

There isn't a lot of info on Mr. Yellen out there, so his work will have to speak for itself, which it more than does:

Yellin has served as cinematographer on fifteen Asylum films, including half of the studio's output last year and a good chunk of their work thus far this year. A sample of his work: 6 Guns, 2010 Moby Dick, Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus, Airline Disaster, I Am Omega and 100 Million B.C. What's more, Yellen has racing-cinema experience: he served as cinematographer on The Asylum's last speed thriller, Street Racer.

And as impossible as it may seem, Yellen has somehow found the time for work outside Asylum walls: on both the indie drama Quinceanera and the Leigh-Scott-written, Griff-Furst directed Wolvesbayne he served as the second unit's director of photography.

It's obvious The Asylum trusts this guy's eye quite a bit, and with good reason; for my money, 2010 Moby Dick and 100 Million B.C. are among the best-looking Asylum films. We'll get a nice good look at the work of Yellen not only this April 26th when 200mph is released, but also again next month with the release of Almighty Thor, again in June with the release of 2012 Ice Age and at least one more time this November with the release of Born Bad. And it's probably the safest bet out there that his name will pop up on at least another film or two later in the year.

Check out his website here.

Alex Yellen, consider yourself saluted.

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  1. 200 MPH trailer has been leaked: