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3 (!!!) New Asylum Titles Announced!

It's the biggest title release of the year today over at The Asylum site, where not one, not two, but three titles have been added to the Coming Soon section at the bottom-right of the homepage:

A Haunting In Salem

Dragon Crusaders

3 Musketeers

Though there are no web pages set up for these titles as of yet - meaning there's no real information besides the titles - there is some speculating we can do:

A Haunting in Salem is obviously a ghost movie. Love those!

Dragon Crusaders is obviously a fantasy epic, perhaps the "medieval action movie" Battle of Los Angeles writer/director Mark Atkins referred to in his EXCLUSIVE interview with Committed. Here's hoping!

And 3 Musketeers is obviously the next Asylum tie-in, as a big-screen adaptation of Alexandre Dumas' seminal novel is also due this Fall. Swashbuckling adventure = awesome!

And so far that's all there is to know. But is it just me, or is Asylum aiming for a few more titles than last year? God, I hope so, I'll take all I can get.

No names on any of these as of yet, but I have a feeling we'll know something soon. Until then, let your imaginations run wild on the comments board below...

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