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inmate profile: Jaz Martin

Another spotlight on a cast member of the upcoming Asylum release 200MPH, and this time the lead, Englander Jaz Martin. 

A lifelong entertainer, Martin studied drama at Britain's University of Sunderland before making the interesting career shift into owning a wall and floor tiling business. But that acting bug, it's kind of like a chigger: once it gets at you, it gets under your skin and becomes really, really difficult to get rid of; but you know, in a good way. 

So he chucked - or rather, sold - the business and made perhaps the boldest, bravest, most brazen idea of his life: to move to L.A. and try and land an acting career. 

And daggum it if he hasn't gone and done just that.

After only a couple of years kicking around Tinseltown, 2011 is shaping up to be the year of Jaz Martin's big break. Besides the lead in 200MPH, he also scored the lead in Breathe, a short, as well as a role in the ensemble thriller The Shattering, slated for release later this year. 

So between Mr. Martin here and Ms. Demara recently-profiled, 200MPH stands to be the big break for at least two talented newcomers. Here's hoping when April 26th rolls around and 200MPH is in our collective DVD players, they bring the thunder. If the trailer's any indication, they're gonna.

One more time, 200MPH arrives on DVD Tuesday, April 26th. Cue up your copy now! Check back here Monday for my notes.

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