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Details on A Haunting in Salem!

So...BIG news here (depending on how you define it): there are a few details now available for A Haunting in Salem, the destined-to-be horror classic from The Asylum. And they are, to say the least, surprising.

First off, the film will be directed by the great and powerful Shane Van Dyke, writer/director/star of Titanic II (also writer/director of Paranormal Entity, director of 6 Guns and writer of Transmorphers 2, Street Racer and The Day the Earth Stopped), for which you guys voted him last year's Looney Award for best script.

And speaking of scripts, this one's written by H. Perry Horton, a definite-newcomer and near-nobody whose only other notable work is this blog.

Yep, I wrote an Asylum movie. 

The synopsis, without giving too much away, is that a Sheriff and his family move into a house with a sketchy history in Salem, Massachusetts, one of the most notoriously paranormal cities in America. And that's all you get for now.

Furthermore, a male lead has been cast, and it's none other than the amazing Bill Oberst Jr., who was my absolute favorite part about Princess and the Pony. I think he's a great actor, and knowing the role - cuz, you know... - I think he's a perfect choice.

Needless to say, I think this has a chance at being the best Asylum film ever, if not the most awesome film in the history of the genre. But again, I am, as mentioned, biased as shit.

Production starts up real soon, and you can believe me as you have never been able to believe me before that as soon as any details on this one are made available, they'll be all over this blog. For sure.


  1. Congrats brother. Lets grab a pint at the Brass (where you're missed) so I can pick apart your script... Which I'm sure is great.

  2. WHOAH! Holy Canoley...big congratulations to you on the script, sir! Hope it's a big success!