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Hodge-Podge Post (assorted ephemera)

No real theme to today's post, just a couple of things I thought my fellow faithfully-committed might be interested in:

First item: the third round of SyFy's Monster Madness bracket challenge opened for voting yesterday, and our hero Mega Shark is still in it, this week facing off against dumb old Dinoshark (who by the way comes out on DVD in a week or so). If we can get through this round, there will be only the semi finals then the finals between The Asylum and creature feature domination. As of 10 a.m. PST today, Mega Shark trailed Dinoshark 41% to 58%, so get the word out, vote early and often, and help Mega Shark assume its rightful place as the nastiest of the SyFy original monsters. The link's right here.

Next up: a really great article from a Mr. Gareth Rees-White (a writer's name if ever I heard one) over at City on the Hill Press, the student-run newspaper of the University of California at Santa Cruz (go banana slugs! send me a shirt, Gareth!), about everyone's favorite independent studio. Dude got face time (or at least phone time) with producer/director/writer David Michael Latt, producer/actor Jude Gerard Prest, actor/writer/director Shane Van Dyke and line producer Mary E. Brown. Not only is the article informative, it gives a real nice sense of what it's like working with The Asylum, the kind of enthusiasm and dedication they bring to each picture. Honestly, it's the best Asylum-centric article I've read in a long while; do yourself a favor and check it out.

And finally, just a reminder that I am now on Twitter, discussing not only all things Asylum, but also offering my unique and jaded insights into other films and elements of pop culture. A particular highlight is the nightly live screening, in which I - often times after a drink or two - will pop in whatever DVD's closest and talk about it in 140 characters or less for the duration of its running time. It's probably only entertaining if you're me, but drop by sometime and find out.

Well, that's all I have today. Enjoy your weekend!

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