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A Haunting in Salem Will Be...Wait For It...3D!!!

So, The Asylum has posted the webpage for A Haunting in Salem, the ghost story directed by Shane Van Dyke and written by yours truly, H. Perry Horton, and in addition to revealing the rest of the principle cast and the release date, there's another bit of interesting news I gave away in the headline: they're gonna make it available in 3D!!!

If I'm right, this will be the third 3D production by The Asylum, behind Haunting of Winchester House and Sex Pot.

Furthermore, the rest of the principle cast has been revealed: Courtney Abbiati ("How I Met Your Mother," "Girlfriends") will play the wife to Bill Oberst Jr.'s sheriff, and Jenna Stone "Miss Behave" joins Nicholas Harsin as the other child. Gerald Webb is also in the cat as Mayor Collins. Also revealed, the film will be shot - in 3D!!! - by cinematographer Alex Yellin.

The official synopsis: "When the new sheriff of Salem, Massachusetts discovers that he is the victim of a centuries-old curse, he must protect his family from the vengeful ghosts that torment his home."

The DVD streets on August 23rd of this year, four days before Committed's one-year anniversary.


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