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Congrats to The Asylum! 1 of America's Fastest-Growing Independent Companies!

So there's this monthly periodical called "Inc." whose sole focus is growing companies, and every year they publish what is known as the "Inc. 500" list, in which they disclose the 500 fastest-growing independent businesses in America. Well, guess who made this year's list?

That's right, my fellow-faithfully committed, our favorite company is thriving, and the world is taking note. The company finished at #41 in the Media division, #2643 overall. In these trying economic times, that's not too shabby, not too shabby at all. Check out the company's page on the list for all the details, but bottom line, The Asylum is growing with every picture they put out, surging towards a solid future and guaranteeing freaks like me ample entertainment for years to come. Kudos to the partners and staff of The Asylum; here's hoping next year is even bigger!  

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