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inmate profile: Edward DeRuiter

With The Asylum's next release, 3 Musketeers, only weeks away (DVD 10.25.11), it's time to turn the Committed spotlight on the creative talent behind The Asylum's take on Alexandre Dumas' seminal adventure novel. And who better to start with than the bard behind the flick, the one and only Edward DeRuiter.

DeRuiter has had many a mention here on the blog, most often for his work as an actor - he's appeared in five Asylum films to date, including leads in 2002's The Surge (or Source) and this year's Battle of Los Angeles, and supporting turns in The Way of the Vampire, War of the Worlds and 3 Musketeers - but lately it seems all I'm talking about is Edward DeRuiter the writer.

In addition to his work on 3M - which by the trailer looks to be intense, action-packed and laced with levity - DeRuiter also supplied the story behind next year's most anticipated film, 2 Headed Shark Attack, which I then turned into a screenplay. I can tell you from reading him that DeRuiter is a highly-intelligent, detail-oriented writer with a good working grasp of military, martial arts, scientific and technical realms; add to this a biting, sarcastic sense of humor and a keen eye for BIG action, and the result is nothing less than explosive direct-to-DVD cinema. 

My predication? Popular opinion will rate 3 Musketeers the best Asylum action flick to date. Earlier this year, 200MPH boasted some of the best action sequences The Asylum's ever produced, and with that film's director, Cole S. McKay, at the helm of DeRuiter's script, the combination should blow away all expectations.

Find out for yourself when 3 Musketeers confuses DVD-goers everywhere on October 25th.

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