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Stellar Short from Asylum Alum!

Director Nick Everhart (666: The Beast, 2012 Doomsday) has just finished an awesome horror short entitled Slash-in-the-Box, and you can check it out (along with some other rad stuff) on his Vimeo site.

Everhart is of the Leigh Scott-Griff Furst era in Asylum history, and still works with those guys today through the production company Active Entertainment, who most recently gave us Swamp Shark. Interesting to note Leigh Scott (Beast of Bray Road, Transmorphers, Dragon) is the d.o.p. here.

Anyway, check out the short - it's really very good - then head over to the film's IMDB page and give it a good rating. Inmates for life!


  1. Actually, Nick and I left Active a couple years ago. We now run our own show up in Connecticut. Our company is called Imaginairum and we kick ass. Here's a link to our Facebook page!


  2. Sorry for the mix up...checked out the page and you guys do kick ass!! Everybody "like" it! Looks like Witches is gonna be awesome!